I design & code interfaces.

About me

I'm Greg, a french designer living in West London. I design clean and minimal interface for web and mobile products in order to solve problems. Sometimes I also work on branding cases and I enjoy bringing mockups to life by coding for my personal side projects.

I graduated in business and marketing and I built my first small company during my third year internship. I was in charge of the business side, but I rapidly discovered that I preferred spending hours with the design team. I learnt how to design from them some 6 years ago. Since then, I've worked a lot to sharp my technical skills in order to be credible as a self-taught product designer.

Today I have the chance to work remotely with companies spread over different countries. 18 so far to be precise, including USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Germany... Most of them are startups with a new product to build or an existing product to improve. Here are the details of the process I usually follow when I have to build a MVP from scratch.

Everything starts with a good understanding of the project. It can be discussion, research documents, examples, prototype… In fact everything that is useful to capture the spirit! If the client is in London this stage can be done in-house.

Then I create a user flow map with the different screens and interactions. After the validation of this flow I start the design of wireframes. The wireframes stage allows quick modifications and iterations. When the wireframes are validated, the UI design starts. To build a great interface, branding guidelines are necessary. If the client doesn’t have branding guidelines, we can create them together.

When the interface design is done, I can either create a invision prototype, a showcase video or make a functional specifications document for the developers. My specs docs generally contain PSD or Sketch files + CSS properties + user path video + separate assets in different size where applicable (@1x, @2x…)

Of course, nothing is static and only a specific stage of this process can be done. It all depends on the client needs.

In terms of project management most of the time I work in an agile environment with small teams. I always provide a daily report which includes an update about the tasks conducted during the day, the mockups and a detailed time report.

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